Monday, 31 August 2015

Phonics activities and the school year calendar

Throughout last academic year I wrote up a series of blog posts linked to times in the school calendar about activities we either had already used or were developing, to practise phonics and phoneme -grapheme/ letter string -spoken recognition in the target language.

At the start of this new academic year I have collated some of these  activities and blog posts so that we can revisit and use these as we work through the academic year 2015 -2016.

Autumn Term

We went on Autumn sound walks and hunted card leaves with key letter strings from target language colours 

.....and we used a favourite KS1 language game too.It's called Crocodile Paths but became our Autumn leaves march :

Crocodile Paths -listening and responding- can the children make a marching rhyme of their favourite sounds. Create stepping stone cards om the floor of the sounds - repeated several times so for instance if we are using 6 sounds then we can have 4 sets of each sound so that there are 24 stepping stones. Ask the class to march across the stepping stones and say/sing their marching rhyme.Call "crocodile" and the children must freeze. Pull a one of the sounds written on small cards out of a bag or a box and say the sound for the class. any children stood on that sound stepping stone must sit out the "crocodile has  caught the child

We practised sounds with our Firework rhyme n KS1 and our Firework poem in KS2

KS1 Rockets and Firework Colour Song 

Fireworks LKS2 performance poem

We created a simple Christmas greetings song and broke the song down in to sounds and bells and created a "Ding Dong Bell Phonics and Song activity

Ding !Dong! Bell!


We began the year with na celebration of epiphany and created letter string "galette des rois" and "roscon de reyes"

For Carnival we had our wonderful stretchy letter and sound carnival balloons!

Take a look Stretchy sound and letter carnival balloons

We hunted Easter egg sounds to create target language Easter greetings

Easter egg sounds


We went fishing for sounds Fishing for sounds

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